Closing ceremonies will be Saturday, June 23rd at 10am on the Majors field.
Beaver Creek Rick Buch 515-249-7461
Perry Tim Roush 515-360-9450
Granger 1 Sam Behrens 515-229-1564
Granger 2 Randy Chiri 515-249-2199
Perry Dodgers Jason Levan 515-250-6420
Perry Mets Corey Myers 515-480-5720
Perry Diamondbacks Andrew Anliker 515-577-0878
Perry Orioles Nick Field 515-971-9771
Woodward Grant Noah 515-720-8348
Perry Braves Andrea Smart 515-971-7420
Perry Cubs Corey Iben 515-210-1538
Perry Reds Benjamin McKee 515-802-8357
Perry Twins Jennifer Rothfus 515-321-9884
Angels Travis Landgrerse 712-229-6331
A's John McGill 515-491-8502
Indians Kevin WIcks 515-419-1391
Pirates Mackenzie Rogers 641-431-0302
Royals Kyle Baxter 515-505-0755
Yankees Ned Menke 319-290-6388